It’s time to take stock.

How can the human race evolve if we don’t include the history of women? But where is it? First we have to write it.

My Mother’s Story is a project where the facts of women’s lives are written and shared – the stories of our mothers who were born in one world and grew up in another. Through their lives we see a slice of women’s history – how they coped and fought and loved and grieved.

Here are the extraordinary lives of ordinary women.

Learn how to simply and effectively tell the story of a woman dealing with the challenges of her times, the story of the woman who played the role of mother in your life.

Your family will know her, the world will recognize her, and you will find a new freedom for yourself.

How We Do It

This is the writing recipe: write your mother’s story, just the facts from beginning to end, in less than 2000 words, where you’re just a footnote. When you’re ready read it to one person.

That’s it!

How Others Have Done It

People submit their finished stories to our Archive where they can be read by many. Our Archive is also secured in the digital repository at Langara College Vancouver where mothers stories will be saved for future generations. We also find other ways to share these stories – in books, theatrical events, podcasts, through digital storytelling. Perhaps your mother’s story will find a new life this way. Check out what others have done.

This is what you can do!

Write your mother’s story. Now. You don’t have to show it to anyone until you’re ready, if at all. See how much you remember. From beginning to end, or now if she’s still alive. Just the facts. If you hit a rocky patch in the road, skip over it and continue writing. You can come back to that later. It’s about what she lived through, her story not her accomplishments. By writing it down, you’ll learn how to tell it. And you’ll give her life value beyond what she gave you. Don’t worry about what you don’t know. This is not the definitive story of her life; it’s what you remember right now. Try it. You’ll be done in two hours.

You can also buy the book, sign up for a course, become a Facilitator, sponsor a workshop in your area, become a Patron.

This is how we can help you!

Buy a copy of Writing Women’s History… starting with your mother. Sign up for an online workshops starting in 2019 | taught by Marilyn Norry. These workshops will have questions to answer, assignments and an online community where you can ask Marilyn questions on your story, hear other people read the new stories they’ve written and give feedback. It’s a membership course so you can come and go when you can and always have witnesses available when you’re ready to share. Sign up for more info to get involved. Bring a workshop to your community. We’re always looking for partners with whom we can engage and develop new mother stories.

How it started

It started with a story. In 2004 Marilyn Norry, a Vancouver actor, writer, and story editor, was at a wedding listening to a friend recount an anecdote. The friend said, “To know what I mean, you have to know my mother’s story” and proceeded to tell the details of her mother’s life (born here, moved there, did this, did that) in about 5 minutes. To read more of the story that started My …