It started with a story.

In 2004 Marilyn Norry, a Vancouver actor, writer, and story editor, was at a wedding listening to a friend recount an anecdote. The friend said, “To know what I mean, you have to know my mother’s story” and proceeded to tell the details of her mother’s life (born here, moved there, did this, did that) in about 5 minutes.

To read more of the story that started My Mother’s Story go here.

Mothership Stories Society, the non-profit society that directs and guides all aspects of My Mother’s Story, was founded in 2008 with the mandate to encourage the writing, collecting and performing of family stories. It is the publisher of the My Mother’s Story books, manages commissions and production of My Mother’s Story theatrical events, and holds the copyright to all stories and images submitted to our Archive.

Founding members: Jenn Griffin, Frances Flanagan, Marion Eisman, Eileen Barrett, Marilyn Norry.

Our Mission Statement:  Honouring our maternal heritage by exploring, writing, sharing, preserving and performing stories that illustrate our mother’s lives, for both our personal fulfillment and for the benefit of our collective history.

Vision: To paint a universal picture of and attach value to women’s lives globally by telling women’s history one mother at a time.

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302 – 60 Richmond St.
New Westminster, BC V3L 5R7
Marilyn Norry

Board of Directors

Romney Grant

Lori Bamber

Joan MacLean

Lisa Bunting

Mary Charleson

Grace Gordon Collins