Write Your Mother’s Story for Mother’s Day

April 2017

your mother, your story, your schedule


for those from everywhere with mothers from anywhere

Starting early April

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with Marilyn Norry and Kimiko Suzuki 

Tuesday April 11 from 6:30 – 9:00 pm

North Vancouver City Library 120 West 14 Ave. at Lonsdale

Tuesday April 18, 25 and May 2 from 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Presentation House Theatre 333 Chesterfield Ave. North Vancouver

no need to attend all classes. First session free, $50 next 3 sessions 


Thursday April 6, 13, 20, 27 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Unity of Vancouver 5840 Oak St. Vancouver

by donation


Mother’s Lab

Join other supportive, encouraging people in writing and sharing Your Mother’s Story

Marilyn Norry leads this forum following the template she created that makes memoir and biographic writing easy, fun and organized. Start with your mother and then move on to write of your father, other notables in your life, even your own story!

April 5

May 3

Second Floor Board Room

North Vancouver City Library

120 West 14 Ave at Lonsdale

6:30pm – 9:00pm

First meeting free, then 3 sessions for $50

Mother’s Lab continues… and now even has its own page!

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The Newly Recreated Ongoing Mother’s Lab!

If you ever wanted to tell the story of your mother’s life, or the life of another significant person, but were unsure how to start. Or if you’ve heard about our project and are curious to know more, please come to our ongoing Lab.

We meet once a month at North Vancouver City Library (120 14th St West, North Vancouver just off Lonsdale) from 6:30 – 8:30.


This is a working meeting with writing exercises so bring something to write on and with. It’s also a sharing meeting so be prepared to be inspired by the writing of others in the class.

Come when you can. Your first meeting FREE, then $50 for 3 more sessions.

We encourage stories from all backgrounds and so welcome women and men and people of all ages and lifestyles. You don’t have to live in North Vancouver and you don’t even need to know how to write!

For more information contact Marilyn at


Mother’s Lab – North Vancouver

Public reading of stories created in the Mother’s Lab – Monday April 14 from 6:30-9:30 at Presentation House Theatre, 333 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver. Please enter through Stage Door off the parking lot.   

For 10 weeks (from February 10 to April 14, 2014) we are undertaking an experiment in North Vancouver. Starting with the people who submitted their stories to Presentation House Theatre in 2011, we are asking for friends to tell friends to drop by the theatre on Monday evenings so more people can find the motivation they need to write and share the story of their mothers’ lives. Every week, after some writing exercises and sharing our stories, we will have in a guest speaker from the community to bring the group up to speed on concerns and topics of mutual interest.

We have discovered that not everyone wants to tell the story of their mother’s life, but there are some people who need to.   These people come from every culture, faith, race, or economic strata in our communities. Sharing our stories together gives our group an important and often unique perspective on both world history as seen through women’s eyes and the challenges facing our community. Through this Lab we will develop a model for this kind of community engagement that can be duplicated everywhere.

If you’d like to know more send an email to mothersstory[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll keep you up to date.




Many people are discovering that writing all or portions of their story have recuperative effects. We have known for some years that writing the story of our mother’s life has benefits well beyond the chronicling of women’s history.  A three part evening exploring this theme will happen at the River Market in New Westminster on Tuesday November 12 at 6:30 pm. Marilyn Norry will give a short talk on My Mother’s Story followed by a reading by Colleen Winton of her mother’ story.  Yvette Lu will read sections of her play Secrets From the Closet, a series of monologues by people dealing with chronic illness. Yvette was inspired by her work as a family doctor interacting with patients, their families and other health providers. Elee Kraljii Gardiner, founder of the Thursday Writing Collective in Vancouver’s Inner City, will speak about how writing has helped people in her group. Antonette Alexandra Rea, a member of the group, will read some of her poems.

And then there are FREE WORKSHOPS!! One hour long – you choose!

Organized and initiated by Diane Hayes of Royal City Writers. For more info check out her site:

Magnetic North a Big Success!

Jenn and Marilyn returned from Ottawa with many new friendships, a successful workshop, and very good prospects for shows in the future! We can’t tell you exactly who we’re talking to yet (don’t want to jinx the deals!) but there’s a big event in Toronto that wants a show, another one that’s international, and third in Calgary, and sniffs and queries from others. Yay! Once the deals are confirmed we’ll make big announcements.

Indiegogo Campaign to send Jenn and Marilyn to Ottawa

Since 2008 Mothership Stories Society has been encouraging the sharing of women’s history by asking people to write the story of their mothers’ lives. We have published two books of stories and Nine Theatrical events as well as our online Archive ( 

 We have been invited to the Magnetic North Festival in Ottawa in June to “pitch” our play creation process for theatrical presenters from across Canada, the US, and around the world.  We hope that theatres will commission us to create shows in their communities that share their histories through the eyes of their mothers.

 Since the project has been our labour of love for so many years, we need your help to get to Ottawa.  To accomplish this we have launched a CROWD FUNDING campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds. Crowd funding is a new way of using the internet to fund small or large projects of any kind. Small donations from many help people achieve their goals. Plus there are some cool perks as well!! You might be the first of your friends to experience crowd funding and can tell them all about it!

If you’re unable to donate please wish us well. And check out our site! And please talk about this with your friends so they too can see what we’re doing and what our mothers have done before us. 

Here’s the link to our gogo page: 

Telling Women’s History One Mother At A Time

If you’d like to donate but have problems with PayPal or credit cards contact us at mothersstory[at] and we’ll sort it out.

Indiegogo. The world’s funding platform. Go fund yourself.


My Mother’s Story: North Vancouver

Co-production with Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver.

(l to r back: Joanna Garfinkel (dramaturg), Donna Soares (Sandra), Sandra Crawford (writer), Zena Daruwalla (Meghna), Meghna Haldar (writer), Beate Sigriddaughter (writer), Jenn Griffin (Creator), Marilyn Norry (Creator). front: Suzanne Humphreys (writer), Colleen Winton (Suzanne H), Chief Janice Goerge (writer), Eileen Barrett (Beate), Wendy Noel (Wendy), Suzanne Ristic (Suzanne R), Heidi Specht (director). Missing: Esther Chase (writer), Hilary Strang (Esther), Lisa C. Ravensbergen (Janice)

The stories have been written, EIGHT have been chosen, the actors have been cast, the final script is being prepared. What a year of stories! What a year for North Vancouver!

Over 100 people attended free workshops last fall to learn how to write the story of their mothers’ lives. Sixty people submitted their finished stories to the theatre. Eight stories were chosen to tell the story of who we are in North Vancouver. These stories were written by and featuring the mothers of: Esther Chase, Sandra Crawford, Janice George, Meghna Haldar, Suzanne Humphreys, Wendy Noel, Suzanne Ristic, and Beate Sigriddaughter.

In what will surely be the most talked about event on the North Shore this season, My Mother’s Story: North Vancouver will premiere on October 19, 2012. Created by Marilyn Norry and Jenn Griffin, who have created all previous My Mother’s Story shows, it will be directed by Heidi Specht (read more about her here and here), and designed by Jamie  Nesbitt (check him out here).

My Mother’s Story:  North Vancouver – THE BOOK!

All of the stories submitted to the project were wonderful. So wonderful we have decided to publish them together in a book. Complete with a photo of each mother, you’ll be able to read heartfelt stories from Saskatchewan and Russia and Iran and Japan; stories of wars and farming, arranged marriages and marriages of love, incredible poverty and stunning wealth, stories of children lost and children found. Combined together you’ll read women’s history throughout the 20th century told in a way that always connects to North Vancouver.

Written by and featuring the mothers of: Andrea Fecko, Aranka Lukacs, Barbara Perrault, Beate Sigriddaughter, Carollyne Conlinn, Charlaine Samson, Connie Flett, Debra Ensign, Esther Chase, Florence Nicholson, Gaile Lacy, Grace Gordon-Collins, Heidi Tadey, Helen Whittle, Helen Yeung, Irene Young, Janet Dysart, Jane Torresan, Janice George, Jean Redpath, Jhaleh Zaraweh, Joan Cregan, Judi Fletcher, Kathleen Hill, Kathy McColeman, Kay Rea, Kim Hirst, Kimiko Suzuki, Lucidea Moore, Margaret Birch, Maria Torres, Mary Charleson, Marylee Stephenson, Patricia Ceraldi, Patricia Young, Peggy Trendell Jensen, Rhonda Perry, Roseanne van Renesse, Sandra Crawford, Suzanne Humphreys, Suzanne Rayment, Suzanne Brazeau.

If you want to know more about this project see our North Vancouver page here or sign up for our newsletter and we will tell you what happens next.

My Mother’s Story: the originals now available on Amazon!

At long last! It’s here! It’s here! Let the bells ring out and the banners fly!!

My Mother’s Story: the originals, featuring 39 stories written for the The Mother’s Story project, is available now on all online books stores worldwide. Search under Marilyn Norry. Also available at 32 Books, 3185 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver, B. C. 604-980-9032 and Oscar’s Books 1533 West Broadway (at Granville), Vancouver and all other Espresso merchants.

These are the stories that started this project.  Plus photos. Plus a foreword by Marilyn Norry chronicling the unfolding of My Mother’s Story. All of the $20 price goes to Mothership Stories Society to promote the telling of more mother stories. See Book for more details.

Making My Mother’s Story

My Mother’s Story from Bojan Dulabic on Vimeo.