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If you lost your mother at young age you have perspective and experience unknown to many other people. Consider lending your support or finding comfort yourself with a peer support group like this one in Vancouver. wildflower_d3

Wildflower is a peer support group for women who experienced the loss of their mother (through death) in childhood or adolescence.  Our vision is to provide a confidential, compassionate, and continuously enriching environment for women who experienced early mother loss.  Join us for events and activities like coffee house chats, guest speakers, luncheons, writing workshops and more to:  Build a consistent and reliable support network of meaningful relationships surrounding a life-long, life-altering event; Share powerful personal experience, wisdom and insights; Expand perspectives; Educate and empower through information and resource sharing; Celebrate our resilience and have fun

If you know of other organizations that would interest people using this site, please send us info on them to: info[at]


Women’s history is celebrated around the world in different ways.  Here are some of the events, books and people that have caught our eye: A great website with current links to all the resources one could ever want to research women’s history or what other people are doing to commemorate women’s lives in Canada. Lara Campbell and Jolene Cumming sponsor events in Vancouver that bring people interested in women and history together. They always have an exciting lineup of programs devised. British Columbia Genealogical Society. These people LOVE facts and statistics and know where to find anything you need to know about your family tree – no matter where it was planted. Helping women help women. A great resource of women entrepreneurs and leaders who mentor and encourage other women to gain the life skills they need to make better lives for themselves and their families. An international agency that helps women survivors in war rebuild their lives These people help people record and research their family stories