My Mother’s Story has attracted attention from the media since our first show in 2006. Here’s a sampling of some of the stories written about this project:CBC Radio Sunday Edition documentary on My Mother’s Story meetings – produced by Karen Levine and Teresa Goff, broadcast May 8, 2006. 20 minutes long.

Rants, Raves And Reviews: “My Mother’s Story”: A Mother’s Perspective – by Gillian Lockitch, review of 2007 show.

“My Mother’s Story”: A Daughter’s Perspectiveby Amanda Lockitch, review of 2007 show.

My Mother’s Story becoming a must-attend event – Coverage in The Vancouver Sun, May 8, 2008.

Seeing Mother as a Person – by Christopher Sun, The Royal City Record, April 26, 2008

First-Person: Marilyn Norry on My Mother’s Story – Gaetan Charlebois’ blog on Canadian Theatre The Charlebois Post – Canada featured an article by Marilyn Norry on the history and creation of the ever evolving stage shows called My Mother’s Story. October 8, 2011.