Writing & Submitting

You do not have to submit a story to our Archive in order to write about your mother. But we would love it if you did.

You do not need to tell anyone you are writing about your mother. But later on you may wish to share.

Why Write Your Mother’s Story?

Why Share her Story?

The Mother Taboo is strong. Many people hold an unconscious but powerful fear that if they say anything about their mothers, she and everyone in their family will suffer great shame. The result of this has been that throughout history women have led secret lives: undocumented, unrecognized, undervalued.

It has also resulted in many people realizing they never knew their mothers, never bothered to ask, or remember the details of her life. Without examination these women remain shadow figures whose only value is determined by how good they were at mothering.

We will never know the history of women until we start talking about our mothers. Some women were bad mothers, but lovely people. Some women got lost in their own lives. Some women were heroic without validation. All of these lives deserve to be acknowledged and remembered. Unlike in our mothers’ time, we no longer have an oral tradition: today, if stories do not get written down, they will be lost.

All you need to write your mother’s story is the assignment and a deadline. You now have the assignment. You have 2 weeks to write.  Go.