How To Write Your Mother’s Story

Writing your mother’s story is an exercise for you to honour your mother, to understand her, define her, release her, defend her, recognize her, but ultimately you decide what facts are important – that’s where this becomes your story.

You do not need to submit your story to our Archive in order to participate. Write it for yourself, for your family, or to share with your group. It is a great exercise to get through writer’s block, clarify and clear up personal issues, fill out genealogical statistics. If, at the end of writing, you decide you like what you wrote, submit it with one photo to our Archive where it will be saved and read by many.

All stories contained in our Archive follow a single recipe – the story of one woman’s life from beginning to end (or the present) where the writer is just a footnote. As narrow as you might find this recipe, there are many ways a story can be told within it (browse the Archive to see) and we have found the benefits outweigh any feeling of restriction.


Once you’ve finished your story to the best of your ability, read it to someone – a friend, your family, your group.

If you need to write your story again, go ahead.

If you like your story and want to submit it to our Archive, go to Submissions.