Submitting Your Story


Tell the story of your mother’s life, just the facts, from beginning to end and remember you are just a footnote.  It cannot be longer than 2000 words.  That’s it! It can be in first person, third person, whatever form you want.

We will not post stories that do not follow this recipe.

Once you’ve written your story read it out loud to someone. We highly recommend you read it to your mother (if possible) and family before submitting.

We have found that most relatives welcome the opportunity to talk about shared history. Do not submit your story if your mother objects (see Written and Tucked Away). Family members also deserve the opportunity to comment and may provide new insights into your story. They may also want to write and submit their own version of her story.

When you’re ready fill in the REGISTER form. You will be asked to provide your name and email address and agree to our Licence Agreement.

Your story will be posted exactly as you’ve sent it. Check your spelling and punctuation.

You can change your story anytime you want. Just re-submit.

If a dispute is raised to us on any story posted we will remove it and contact you. If you resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of all parties, you can submit your story again.

You will have the option to have your story posted anonymously (just first names). We will need your name to stay in touch with you but will not disclose it to anyone unless legally compelled.

Family Cluster. If someone in your family has already posted a story, you can link your story to theirs. Please put their name at the top of your story. A symbol will be put on your story title to indicate whether you are a sibling § or a mother  to this writer. Then a tag will be created using the last name of the first person to submit so people can read all your family stories together.

Group Sharing. If you are a member of a group of unrelated people who are submitting your stories together you will have a tag attached to your story so your stories are linked. Please indicate this on your story.

Adopted Mother. You can write the story of your adopted mother as well or instead of your birth mother. Please indicate this on your story so an Adoption Symbol Δ will be placed on your story.

After it has been submitted your story will be reviewed to make sure it conforms with our recipe. If it qualifies for publication you will be asked to submit a photo to go with it.

Any questions please contact us at info[at]