Writers of My Mother’s Story: North Vancouver

1 – Kathy Hill Kathleen Hill (McLean) I was a child of the Depression, but a happy child. I am a nurse, wife, mother, grandmother. I paint and consider myself an artist. I am grateful and content.

2 – Connie Flett: Spent my childhood in the West End doing ballet/acrobatics, moved to South Vancouver, took up Flamenco dancing. Married at 22, had two children before age 30, now a proud grandmother.

3 – Florence Lily Nicholson is a graduate of UBC and a retired Special Education teacher. She is now following her lifelong pastime ~ painting as an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists.

4 – Heidi (Winkler) Tadey daughter of Hildegard (Aschenbrenner) Winkler  I am the final instalment of the famous Aschenbrenner ladies, as due to lack of foresight in not leaving any offspring, the family tree stops here.  Like my grandmother and great aunts before me, I have also been very independent, a business owner and am now a semi-retired realtor.  From my mother I’ve inherited her storytelling talents, great people skills and sense of humour; and, I’m proud to say, I’m turning more and more into her every day.

5 – Joan Cregan. My life reflects my love of family (spouse, 3 children, 6 grandkids, 1 greatgrandkid, & their mates), all nearby, and my love of music, fine arts, and nature’s beauty everywhere.

6 – Suzanne, daughter to Marion,
Mom to Cindy and Karen,
Gran to Danny, Jason, Jessica, Jacob, Ryan.
Enjoying a peaceful empty nest with Dave
While sustaining a life long love of music.

7 – Wife, mother and proud Nana to two darling granddaughters. As a Certified Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Eating Coach, Intuitive Spirit Artist I am following my and my Mother’s passion.

8 – Lucidea Moore: Wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, volunteer. I have had the good fortune to lead a life enriched with family, friends and adventure but not without loss, sadness and regret.

9 – Esther Chase:  European-Aussie, now Canadian who has spent the last 30 years living on the North Shore and teaching Preschool. My Greatest Life Achievement are my wonderful children: Kiera, Maegan, Nathan.

10 – Born in Iran, went to English schools in India and East Pakistan (Bangladesh). Was a Teacher and worked in Glaxo in East Pakistan and during the war went to Pakistan where I worked in IBM. In 1974 I came to Canada. I consider myself a citizen of the world, able to fit in anywhere, thanks to the strength of my Mum.

11 – Marylee Stephenson has various careers, occupations, and interests. She has a Ph.D. in sociology, with a speciality in women’s studies. She is a skilled amateur naturalist and has published a guidebook to the national parks of Canada and to the Galapagos Islands. Marylee lives in Quayside Village Cohousing, in Lower Lonsdale. She has a monthly feature in the “Monitor” publication of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and is both a standup comic and a story-teller. She has a dog.

12 – Beate Sigriddaughter was born in Germany and has lived in North America since 1972. She is a writer interested in the lives and minds and souls of women.

13 – Margaret Birch: My hear sings at a view of the Alberta foothills!! Strong prairie roots shaped this teacher [ESL now], lover of God and nature; fan of reading and music, concerts and theatre; active with pre-schoolers, volunteering and fitness. Sometime traveller.

14 – Kathy McColeman: Today I am living the good life in North Vancouver, married to a wonderful man, leading a retired active and healthy lifestyle.

15 – Suzanne Brazeau is an actor, a mother a wife blessed with two beautiful, infinitely fascinating boys and a husband with a great sense of humour.

16 – Jane Torresan, now widowed, was married to Ray for 50 years. She lives a quiet life, enjoying the company of her children and grandchildren and she still pursues her interest in dance.

17 – Suzanne Rayment, I have written stories all my life about my adventures around the world. I am also an artist enjoying both creative endeavors. I am Mother to a son and daughter.

18 – Janet Dysart (née Dale) is an Oxford trained nurse, born in England during the war.  She immigrated to Canada in 1967. Now retired and living in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.

19 – Andrea Fecko: I am happily living in Vancouver B.C. I consider myself to be very fortunate to be able to work in a field that I enjoy. I have two healthy happy adult daughters and two granddaughters all of whom are an asset to the world. I am blessed in my marriage and in my friendships.

20 – I am Gaile Mackay Lacy who attended school on the North Shore. I graduated from Delbrook in 1963. I have travelled, married, retired and have two daughters and five grandchildren

21 – Grace Gordon-Collins: My mother’s DNA has clearly defined my being. Her kindness, compassion, and love of nature inform who I have become. My innate stubbornness, anger and activism re: injustice, tempers her legacy. I am me.

22 – Pat Ceraldi:

23 – Barbara Perrault is the mother of three adult children and is the widow of the late Senator Ray Perrault. A long time resident of the North Shore where she taught school and served for eighteen years on North Vancouver City Council. She is now retired and spends her time gardening, reading and traveling.

24 – Jean Redpath – Single Mother of three amazing women. Friends keep me young as we grow wiser together. A retired teacher, I am now free to play in fields of art and music.

25 – Roseanne van Renesse: BC has been my home for 30 years. I enjoy working as a Letter Carrier and bake and sing for fun as I strive to be an asset here on Planet Earth.

26 – Debra Ensign – Born and raised in Lethbridge Alberta, Debbie currently lives in North Vancouver and divides her time between enjoying her daughters and grandchildren and travelling and exploring the world.

27 – Carollyne Conlinn is an international executive coach and coach educator. She delights in hosting family gatherings and occasionally falls asleep from jet lag while the laughter carries on, and the dishes get cleaned without her!

28 – Maria Carolina: Born in Portugal, raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Canadian by choice for 31 years.  Studied languages, child care and psychology at the University, music, dance and singing at the Conservatory, love to write, travel, research, nature, help the less fortunate. Today, looking inside of myself and preparing for retirement in near future. Looking forward to go back to live with nature and animals. Compassion and Humility are my everyday goals. They would save humanity and bring happiness to the world.

29 – Irene Young – Vice President, Administration of Vancouver Community College after 91/2 years with the North Vancouver School District. I am working towards my PhD in Education at Simon Fraser University and am an aspiring writer.

30 – Mary Charleson is a marketing educator, speaker, writer and strategist. She has made Vancouver her home for 25 years, and currently lives in Pemberton Heights with her husband and two teenage children.

31 – Kay Rea: Welsh by birth, raised in West Vancouver, I am curious, enjoy making art, reading, writing, stimulating conversation and humour. I am grateful for the love and support of my wonderful family and friends.

32 – Rhonda Perry: I am a mother, wife and grandmother. Born in Vancouver in 1951, I grew up in Burnaby and raised two daughters there. I live in North Vancouver, with my husband, Randy.

33 – Patricia (Wright) Young: Born in Vancouver and raised and still lives in North Vancouver, Patricia is married to Chris has 2 grown children; Meredith and James. A graduate of VGH and UBC Nursing she is presently a homemaker.

34 – Kim Hirst: Mother, daughter, North Van Rec Commission IT User Support, wine enthusiast, animal-lover, book-club member, Bard on the Beach/Vancouver International Wine Festival Volunteer, cycling, yoga, travel, family, friends.

35 – Kimiko Suzuki lives with her wonderful husband and three beautiful sons in North Vancouver. She appreciates what she is given and wishes her family and friends a happy & healthy life

36 – Helen Yeung: I am a person with two daughters of my own and enjoy spending time with friends and family. I work hard to make the world a better place, as my mother did.

37 – Aranka Boby Lukacs: I’m a positive, creative individual. Hoping to publish my bio, travel, experience life and share it with others. Writing my mom’s story has given me a better understanding of her.

38 – Peggy Trendell-Jensen never finds enough time to write, thanks to her busy family, procrastination, her day job, procrastination, and whooping it up with her mother, Chris (and, occasionally, procrastination).

39 – Janice George: I am hereditary Chief of my George Family, my Aunts and Uncles let me have the honour of representing our George family. I studied Fine Arts in Canada and the United States. I am Squamish, an artist, wife, mother, Grandmother and am blessed with many friends and relatives. As an artist, Squamish woman, and hereditary chief I believe it’s my responsibility to pass on the teachings and traditions my elders have given me. Chen kwenmantumi, I am grateful.

40 – Sandra Crawford: I am the luckiest woman alive! I have a partner who loves and respects me, 3 grown healthy children, 2 awesome sisters and a loving suportive father! What more could I ask for!

41 – Charlaine Samson: I’m a mother of three, finding myself after a diagnosis of MS. I’m an artist, wife, mother daughter sister and friend. My mom’s spirit keeps my sane. She is my best friend… still.