10 Aug Bev Sauvé story of Dot

My mom, Dorothy Elizabeth Hodgins (nee Dodd, yes she was Dot Dodd), was born in Fort William, BC in the 20’s. One of four kids, her closest sibling was my aunt Shirley who was only one and a half years her senior. They were perfect...
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13 Jan History of the Shows

Right from the start, the evolution of this project has been inspired by phrases like “I have no idea if this will work” or “I’ve always wanted to try” or “what will happen next?”Creating theatrical events from the stories of our mothers was no exception.
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12 Jan My Mother’s Story: the originals

In 2004, when Marilyn Norry made the original request for stories from her friends (women actors in Vancouver), she said these stories would be published in a book, the profits being donated to charity. It’s here, it’s happening! It’s on Amazon.  Buy Here My Mother’s...
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