Jenn Griffin’s Bio

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Jenn has been a Vancouver based actor since 1986 and more recently an actor/playwright.

She was awarded the Sydney Risk award in 1999 for best emerging playwright in the wake of her first play “Drinking with Persephone”. “Into the Waves”, her first full-length play was first read in Vancouver in 2004 and again at “The Hysteria Festival”, Toronto, in 2005. In 2006, Jenn co-conceived with Marilyn Norry, “My Mother’s Story”  a theatrical collage which has resulted in regular shows throughout the year and received CC development funding in 2009.

Jenn has been nominated for several Jessie Richardson Awards (honouring Vancouver theatre), winning two. She has performed in many critically acclaimed productions. Highlights include: Dorothy Dittrich’s “The Dissociates”, “Aunt Dan and Lemon”, “Love on the Plastic” and her own work “Drinking with Persephone”.

In  January of 2007, Jenn was commissioned to write an original operetta for Fugue Theatre.  In preparation for this,  she studied  with the legendary LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Company in Spoleto, Italy. In August 2009, “Via Beatrice” the commissioned work for Fugue Theatre, was performed in Vancouver. “Via Beatrice” was nominated for two Jessie’s (Best Original Script and Best Original Production).

Jenn has recently been accepted into The Associates Program at Playwright’s Theatre Centre in Vancouver and has begun a new piece -The Untitled Species Project.

Jenn has performed internationally as an actor, stand-up comic and slam poet. She also has numerous film and television credits. Highlights include: The L Word, Sheltered Life, Paul Pontius, Shattered, DaVinci’s Inquest, Better than Chocolate and Freeway 2.