Write Your Mother’s Story by Mother’s Day

The best Mother’s Day gift is saying “I know you”.

Whether she’s alive or not, writing her story gives evidence to you, your family, and perhaps the world that your mother’s life mattered and she lived a wonderful story.

Your mother, your story, your schedule

Everyone has a mother; every mother has a story. Even if you didn’t know her, that is in and of itself a compelling story.

This online writing workshop in 3 parts will give you the template and exercises you need to simply write the facts of your mother’s life from beginning to end in less than 2000 words. In doing so, you will honour your mother as a human being, organize your memories, save family history, and raise the consciousness of the world to value stories of women – the extraordinary lives of ordinary women.  

Since 2004 I have been asking people to write the facts of their mothers’ lives. My parents are avid genealogists and my father is always saying ‘We have the facts; we’re not saving the stories!’ Stories are the means by which we make sense of our world and the unique identity of our family. We share them while sitting around a fire, washing dishes, or on long trips. They were entertainment in times past but today more people value movies and television than the stories of how their family evolved.

This workshop will give you skills and confidence to craft a succinct and entertaining story that captures many of your family stories. You can use these techniques to organize any kind of memoir or biography writing but we start with the life of your mother.Why? Because women’s stories are undervalued and what your mother experienced is at the heart of all the stories you will ever tell.

I know this because I’ve been an actor and story editor of plays and screenplays for over 30 years and I know stories – telling them, writing them, hearing them, making them work. I’ve worked with over 200 people as they’ve told the story of their mothers’ lives.  We’ve made them into plays, books, an online Archive at www.mymothersstory.org. I’ve lead many workshops but this will be my first one online.

Join me. Join us and hear with wonder accounts of the lives of other women around the world.

All you need for this project is the assignment and a deadline. Mother’s Day makes a great deadline.