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Writing women's history one mother at a time... since 2004.

Writing Womens’ History

Fourteen years gestation, three years labour – it’s been a helluva birth!
The project My Mother’s Story came to Marilyn Norry backwards. In 2004 she asked for stories and got them. Since that time, through workshops, classes, discussions and the Mother’s Lab, she’s been working through the myriad of ways she can guide people through the process of writing a story they already know in their hearts.
One thing that has become clear as this project has unfolded is that every mother story written is unique and every path to write that story is unique as well. In this book, Marilyn has created writing prompts and exercises to help you find your way to getting the story of your mother’s life out of your head and down on the page.  May you find the exercises you need!
Remember: different exercises will appeal at different times. This is a book you can come back to again and again.
This workbook contains the history of how My Mother’s Story came about along with real life examples of what early writers to the project experienced – the questions, answers, and discussions that arose as people tried to simply and creatively tell the story of their mothers.
Good for single readers and groups.


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