08 Sep Lois O’Hara’s story of Dorothy §

Mother was born in Hampshire, England May 16, 1904.  Her name was Dorothy May Merritt, the only daughter of Bob and Ada Merritt.  Bob and Ada brought Percy, Dorothy’s brother and Dorothy, a baby just a few months old, across the Atlantic by ship in the fall of 1904.  Percy sat on the trunk and Dorothy was held in her parents’ arms.
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14 Oct Ann Warn Pegg’s story of Phyllis

When she was a young girl, my mother, Phyllis Kathleen Vine dreamed of becoming a dancer. In rare moments my normally reserved mother would extend her arms and pose in the most graceful of ways. Whenever she did this, I couldn't help but smile, picturing her as a young girl in the exact same pose. Being one of a large family, this never happened for her.
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