13 May Surjit Singh Flora’s story of Niranjan Kaur

My Mother Niranjan Kaur Flora was born in the town of Ramghar Punjab India, on July 12, 1941, the second of four girls and one brother: Jaswinder Kaur, Niranjan Kaur, Gurbax Kaur, Jasvir Kaur and Mohan Singh. In Sikh families all girls are named Kaur as all boys are named Singh.
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11 Oct Judi Fletcher and Lucidea Moore’s story of Raj-Kaur Poran

Writing our mother’s story was a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect upon her life.  And what a life she had.  Our mother was born in the small village of Mehta,in the Punjab in India.  The year would be a guess because no one kept birth or death records in her village, probably sometime around 1910.
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08 Jul Joan O’Flynn’s story of Hylda

It was hot, a very hot day, sultry, just before monsoon season, but there was exuberance in the air, there was love, excitement, and celebration. It was 1915 in Jamalpur India, during the colonial period of British rule, and perhaps ruin.
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