07 Mar Rose’s anonymous story of Maria

My mother Maria was born in 1933 in El Rancho Libertda in Zacatecas, MX, and later lived in Emiliano Zapata, Zacatecas and somewhere in Mexicali before they moved to Los Angeles, CA and finally to Pico Rivera, CA. I had the good fortune to find...

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21 Mar Alessandra Olmedo’s story of Lilian

Lilian Maria Andrea was born to Juan and Elvira Garcia on September 28, 1936 in the sleepy coastal town of Tuxpan, in Veracruz, Mexico. Lilian was the firstborn of three children of the Garcia’s. She had a sister, Lourdes and later a brother, Juan Junior. However when Lilian was 3, Lourdes  died  aged 7 months from a fever that even in those times should have been easily cured.
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11 Oct Laura speaks in her mother Ofelia’s voice

It was the year 1950 in a town located in the West Center of Mexico. It was a small city  in  a semi dessert area that was a rich place because in its valleys  there were  tin and copper mines. Here,  French and Spanish immigrant found their new home after exiled from Europe in eighteenth century. I was born as a second child of a wealthy family, and I carried with me their traditions and heritage.
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