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Mothership Stories Society is a non-profit society registered in British Columbia, Canada.  We’re always on the lookout for arts and history grants or corporate / private sponsorships to produce the cool things we make with mother stories. The books we sell and workshops we hold pay for themselves but most of the day to day work needed to maintain our Archive, keep our community connected and look after business has been done by volunteer hours. We cannot grow or fulfill our mandate of reaching a worldwide audience unless we find other means of support. .

Go to our Patreon site and become a patrons of our project for as little as $2/month. There are some cool benefits like access to our Patrons only blog, membership in our online workshop for you or a friend, even having our monthly newsletter named after your mother!

And, hey, we’re open to suggestions! If you have any other donation / sponsorship / contribution ideas contact us at [mothersstory]at[gmail].com

When you make a donation to Mothership Stories Society a crown will be placed beside your mother’s photo to acknowledge your contribution and your name will be listed on this page.


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