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Facilitator Workshop

If you loved telling your mother’s story and want to bring this experience to other people, please consider becoming a facilitator of our process. Developed by Marilyn Norry this training will give you and your students the confidence needed to translate any life experience into story.

To continue the evolution of our work, a number of people are already encouraging mother stories in their worlds and are reporting back to the Mothership on applications, pitfalls and best practices. We hope to grow this community.

Our plan is to have a live 3 day weekend training. There will also be on online component to the training working with people online and developing their stories. We will also discuss other applications of these stories, some of which like our live shows have a proven creation path, and other ideas that you might envision.

As word of this project spreads through Marilyn holding live workshops and speaking engagements, there will be more interest in this work and less need to “sell” the idea.  We hope to keep up with the demand for more workshops with the help of people like you as trained facilitators.

Please leave your name and email address below to tell us your interest and to stay up to date on facilitator news.



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