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Online Workshops

Write Your Mother’s Story in a community where we gather to share our experience, our writing, and tell the stories that need to be told.

COVID 19 has postponed live gatherings for a while but we continue to meet on Zoom once a month at The Mother’s Lab.

Writing your mother’s story is a self care exercise where you detach from your busy life for a short time to really look at your memories and the stories you hold that are the foundation of who you are. You will discover the joys and challenges that come from organizing memories, finding mysteries and looking at your mother in a new light. This will prepare you for the wonder and empathy building experience of hearing other people share their stories. You will hear stories you’ve never heard before and find people who have similar experiences to your own. Everyone benefits from discussions on how to best deal with telling the Scary Bits of a life where the truth can be told with compassion and without judgement.

There are self directed online courses and The Mother’s Lab, a monthly gathering of people

If you have a gang of friends, colleagues, writing group members, book club members who are interested in having a workshop together, let me know. It can be a 2 hour workshop to present ideas with writing exercises to get you started and leaving the sharing of stories to your own schedules and inclination.

Or there’s the whole sheebang! Exercises, writing, and sharing in a six hour Live online course. Limited to 10 students using Zoom each class meets with Marilyn Norry for two hours to discuss memoir writing, mothers, women’s history, as well as exercises to understand the writing recipe we use. Then everyone writes their Discovery Drafts – their whole mothers’ stories in two hours. Then we meet on Zoom to share stories and discuss individual issues and concerns. Done!

Contact us at mothersstory[at] for more information.

We are also planning a workshop for people wishing to become Facilitators of My Mother’s Story groups. There will be a live weekend and ongoing online participation. Details to follow.

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