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19 Jul Angela Parson’s story of Ada

Ada Stoute (nee Moore) was born August 14, 1935 on the tiny island of Barbados in the West Indies.  She was raised with her 2 brothers (O’Neil and Cameron) and 2 sisters (Ina and Etheline) in the county of St. John’s.  Her mother died from cancer when she was around 11 years old, I think.  Her name was Winnifred.  Her father lived to a very old age.  Despite being the youngest in her family, she left Barbados when she was about 18 years old for England, determined to work and bring her brothers and sisters to live with her. She left her first born daughter, Julie, with my father’s mother.  In those days, this was common practice. There were no paternity tests; the child was given the once over by the family and if the child resembled the father, that was that. First she sent for my father, Randall Stoute, and they were married in London.  Then, one by one, she brought her brothers and sisters and daughter to England.  Her second daughter, Angela (me), was born in England, June 19, 1963.  Her youngest daughter, Susan, was born August 10, 1966 in Toronto.
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13 Jul Wendy Noel’s story of Doris

My mother.  She was born in Edmonton in 1929, the youngest of three sisters. Her name is Doris Elaine (I can't think where these names come from) Gregory.  Her father, Len, was a plumber and her mother, Leone, had been a nurse.  They met prior to the First World War and decided to hold off marriage until Len came back - “just in case”.  He came back, they got married and started their family.  Len was from England, Belpur, and had come to Canada with many of his 8 siblings.
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19 Mar Sarah Hayward’s story of Patsy

“Oh, yes, let’s, it will be such fun”, personified the way Patricia (Patsy to her friends) lived her life. Whatever she did, she did fully; whoever she talked to had her complete attention. She was a woman of great accomplishment and great passion. She died from complications of Alzheimer’s in 2004, as her mother had before her. I miss her tremendously.
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