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13 Jul Wendy Noel’s story of Doris

My mother.  She was born in Edmonton in 1929, the youngest of three sisters. Her name is Doris Elaine (I can't think where these names come from) Gregory.  Her father, Len, was a plumber and her mother, Leone, had been a nurse.  They met prior to the First World War and decided to hold off marriage until Len came back - “just in case”.  He came back, they got married and started their family.  Len was from England, Belpur, and had come to Canada with many of his 8 siblings.
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21 Dec Susanna Uchatius story of Maria

Marilyn… I got your notice at a very synchronistic moment… and so I decided to splat on the page and send it off to you.  It did cross my mind that my mother might not like the idea of her world being splatted on the page and sent off for someone to read… but then again I thought… to bear witness is to validate in some way and I think my mother has in so many ways not been validated… and so… dot, dot, dot… I will validate away.
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15 Dec Joy Coghill’s story of Dorothy

People who knew and loved my mother in later life remember her as a compassionate, no-nonsense kind of woman who cooked marvelous dinners. Only I, as her only child, was privileged to know that beneath this gentle exterior, she was an adventure-loving pioneer with a tiger inside her.
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